"I have been surprised by both the physical and mental benefits of using the Cubii. The biggest surprise I’ve had is that I’ve had to crank down the resistance because it really can be a workout.  I have 2 Cubiis - at home I have the resistance up a lot higher so that it is more of a workout, and I actually find myself reaching a higher heart rate. I have also noticed several changes in my body. I am not trying to lose weight, but I like that feeling of feeling firmer, tighter, and healthier. In the past months, I’ve lost 6 pounds, which I hadn’t even intended to do."

Michelle Langley Laubach, Arlington, Virginia

"I sit at my desk and write posts all day for my job. My fingers get a lot of exercise, but not the rest of me. I don’t even have to get off my ass to fulfill this New Year’s resolution with Cubii. So I’m in. In fact, I’m using it as I write this. It’s simple and easy enough for me to do as part of a daily routine. Underneath my desk, I can’t escape it. And it can keep me honest. It comes with an app that sends you notifications in case you aren’t keeping up. That’s the kind of motivation I could use to stick to my resolutions."

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Dean Takahashi, San Francisco, California

"While it took me a few minutes to get down the pedaling rhythm, I found using the Cubii to be an enjoyable experience. It's not a very strenuous workout (which is the point; it's why the Cubii is meant for the office and not for the gym). During my first 30 minute workout I burned 94.7 calories, made 2,569 strides, and went 1 mile. Not bad for a quick half-hour workout after lunch. And I had noticeably more energy afterwards, which definitely came in handy during that mid to late afternoon lull after lunch."

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Jim Dallke, Chicago, Illinois

"I push myself hard during exercise, try to eat right and keep my weight down. I sit at a desk for numerous hours each weekday and there is growing empirical evidence about the harmful effects of desk-sitting for long periods of time. I think Cubii is a great solution and is another tool to keep me in a great state of fitness and fight the good fight against Father Time."

BRIAN GOLLUB, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts

"There are three of us in my immediate family and all of us could benefit from Cubii. The two adults could have some easily accessible exercise even while at our offices; the teen could also benefit because while he has a lot of exercise and activity in his life, he also needs to be in constant motion and fidgeting while working and Cubii could provide a good outlet for him in this regard.”

KATRINA HENNESSY, Bellevue, Washington

"I was a strong believer of incidental exercise throughout the day and invested early to buy a Fibit Ultra back in 2012, before it became cool. However, at work I still felt the guilt of going for short walks down the corridor for the sake of exercise. The Cubii, now frees me of some of my guilt, and assists me in moving even while at my desk. I'm really looking to obtaining another 2-3 thousand steps in a day, to reach my 10 thousand step goal!"

MICHAEL CHAN, Canberra, Australia