Cubii Jr.
Cubii Jr.
Cubii Jr.
Cubii Jr.
Cubii Jr Quiet Elliptical Workout
Cubii Jr Home Elliptical Machine

Cubii Jr.

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A seated elliptical which lets you get a workout in without sacrificing time. Features a built in display monitor to track your workouts. (This version is NOT bluetooth enabled).

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    Ergonomic, Low Range of Motion


    Not Ergonomic, High Range of Motion

    Shh... I’m Very Quiet

    Cubii Jr is specifically designed and manufactured to be whisper quiet so as to not disturb those around you. Discreetly workout at home or in the office without anyone knowing you're pedaling. Cubii Jr will be your silent personal trainer.

    Safely Workout Anywhere

    Designed to only be used while sitting, there is no chance of falling off making Cubii Jr a safe workout solution for all ages. Cubii Jr’s patented ergonomic design offers a low impact exercise solution perfect for before and/or after rehab or for those with limited mobility. Feel more active while sitting in your favorite chair at home or office.

    Safe and Accessible Workout

    Cubii Jr allows you to workout with the added stability of being seated. The patented ergonomic angle makes it possible to workout even if you do not have full range of motion of your joints. Move your legs even if standing is difficult and build muscle strength overtime.

    The Smoothest Stride Ever

    Cubii Jr’s patented elliptical angles are optimized to ensure an ergonomic posture and no bumped knees while in use. Designed locally in Chicago, Cubii Jr is built from heavy duty parts and the highest quality materials to provide the smoothest elliptical stride and ensure it will last a lifetime.

    Yes It’s A Workout

    Select from 8 resistance levels and burn an average of 150 calories per hour. Cubii Jr features a built-in display monitor to track your calories, strides, distance, time and RPM. Feel more energized and productive without leaving your favorite chair. (NOT bluetooth enabled)

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