Why Exercise If You Don't Get The Credit

Cubii is the first and only elliptical that is equipped with bluetooth, allowing you
to stay motivated & plugged into this growing connected fitness ecosystem.

The ONLY Smart Desk Elliptical

Your health gets personal. Cubii's proprietary technology utilizes artificial intelligence and algorithm to customize your Cubii experience. Bluetooth enabled, connect to the exclusive Cubii mobile app to track your calories, strides, distance, time and RPM. Set personalized goals based on calories or miles and track your progress overtime. Cubii brings more movement where you spend the most time while staying plugged into the growing connected fitness ecosystem.

Tech That Motivates

"We all know sitting for long stretches of time is terrible for your health. So why don't more of us do something about it? I love my Cubii because it keeps me active even when I'm stuck at my desk. I love the app too, because I love competing against other Cubii users to see which one of us can burn the most calories! Cubii is a fun way to keep my heart moving. In just a few short months, it's become so ingrained in my routine that half the time I don't even realize I've started pedaling!"
- Jude S. (Nov '17, New York)


Convert Strides To Steps

If you're steps obsessed, this one's for you. With the Cubii mobile app, you can convert your Cubii strides to steps while at your desk or on the couch and reach your daily step goal at lightning speed. Sync your workout to FitBit and Apple HealthKit to realize the full scope of your health routine.

Take A Quick Tour

Watch our app in action with a quick sneak peak that goes over all the features available to you.

Cubii's Mission To Mars

With 2 million miles collectively pedaled by Cubii users worldwide, we have covered 10% of our mission to mars. Join us in our goal of touchdown in 2018. P.S. We've passed the Moon!


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