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A few years back, the trend towards connected fitness was just picking up. People started tracking everything – from their steps to their sleep. However, we saw that there weren’t any accessible solutions that gave people a way to stay more active and be healthier in daily life. Thus, Cubii was born. It brought more movement where people spend the most time – on their desk or their couch - while allowing them to stay plugged into the growing connected fitness ecosystem.

Never Sit Still

Why Active Sitting Is Important

For years, we’ve been told ‘sitting is the new smoking’ and that prolonged sitting can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease, varicose veins and high blood pressure and cholesterol. However, study findings published in the The American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism suggests a “single vigorous workout may do little to counter the effects of prolonged sitting while strolling around frequently in addition to exercising does seem to keep the harm at bay.” The most recommended solution: active sitting. Active sitting has numerous health benefits including better circulation, core engagement, higher energy and productivity levels and improved posture.

How It All Started

Hear from our founders on the journey from kickstarter success to launching our online store.

A NEAT® certified product

Cubii is A NEAT® certified product for active sitting. James Levine, MD, PhD, Director, Obesity Solutions, Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University, certifies that “the Cubii by Fitness Cubed, an under the desk elliptical, passes NEAT® Certification criteria for active sitting.” When compared to stationary sitting, Cubii increases your energy expenditure by 84.5%. This compares to only a 16.7% increase with a standing desk.

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