When will my order be shipped?

Your Cubii will be shipped out from our facility within 2-3 business days of placing your order. Shipping duration varies by destination. Please expect to receive your product within 5-7 business days within the United States and 10-15 business days for European Union. You will receive a shipment notification and a tracking number when your Cubii leaves our facility. The Moku Cubii color is available for pre-order only and will ship in 4-5 weeks.

Which countries can Cubii be shipped to?

The Cubii can be shipped to the USA, and European Union countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK).

Bulk Order

How can I order in bulk for my office?

Please contact our CMO Shivani Jain for bulk orders.

Product and App

How many calories does Cubii burn?

Approximately 100-150 calories per hour depending on your resistance level and rotations per minute (RPM)!

Where do I download the app?

You can download the iOS app here. You can download the Android app here.

Where can I find setup instructions?

For detailed setup and usage instructions, see the tutorial videos on customer support page and/or Product Manual

How do I assemble my Cubii?

Here is a quick video guiding you through assembling your Cubii: Embedded Assembly Video If you need further help, please reach us at

I need help using some of Cubii's mobile app features.

Here is a quick video guiding you through setting up and using Cubii's mobile app: Embedded App Tour Video. If you need further help, please reach us at

How is Cubii different from other pedal exercisers?

Cubii has been designed to optimize your foot angles such as it is ergonomic to use while sitting. The design allows unconscious leg movements without your knees hitting the underside of your desk.

How do I use Cubii with a chair with wheels?

For an optimal experience, we recommend using Cubii with a chair without wheels. However, if you must use it with a chair with wheels, Cubii comes with two wheel stoppers that you can insert under your chair for comfortable use.

Warranty and Return

What are the terms of return?

Anything can be returned free of charge within 30 days of delivery date, no questions asked. To process a return, simply contact our team at Please contact us with subject line “Return Request” and your order number so that we can provide you with the return authorization number and the return shipping address needed to process the return within a timely manner.

What are the terms of warranty?

Warranty request can be submitted within 6 months of delivery date. To report an issue that is applicable under the warranty, please contact our team at Please contact us with subject line “Warranty Request” and your order number so that we can evaluate the issue and suggest a solution. Please include a detailed description of the issue along with any supporting photos or videos.

Tech FAQs

I forgot my password!

On the sign In screen, click on Forgot Password. Enter the email address you used to sign up for the Cubii app. An email will be sent to that address with a password reset link. If you’re still having trouble, please check the spelling of your email address when you try to login. Please note that both the email and password fields are case-sensitive.

Can I move my Cubii data from one device to another?

If you’ve switched phones or reinstalled the Cubii app, please Login as an existing member by clicking on Sign In if you’ve used email to signup. If you’ve used Facebook to sign up, please click on Sign in with Facebook. When prompted to login, please use the same email and password you used on your previous phone so we can pull your data from our server and get you started. Please note that you will be able to access the same data when you switch between iOS and Android.

How do I hide my name from user search?

In Settings, under Privacy, turn off search visibility.

My app crashed. What do I do?

Thank you for the report. You can try closing the app, and reopening it. Please send us the following information at so that we can prevent the crash in the future:
  • Screen on which the crash occurred
  • What you clicked before the app crashed
  • Your phone model and software version (e.g. iPhone 5, iOS 1.8.4)

Will there be an app for Android?

Yes, the Android app is currently live on the Google Play store. You can download it here.

Will there be an app for Windows?

Thank you for asking. At the moment, we do not plan to offer an app version compatible with Windows.

Sharing stats on social media

Which social media websites can I share my exercise stats?

Currently, you can share your exercise stats on Facebook only. In order for you to share stats on Facebook, you need to be signed up via Facebook.


I’m a Groups admin. How can I invite some more users to my group?

To add new users to your group, tap on Details button located at the top right corner of the Groups page you wish to add users. Once you are in the Group Details page, use the search bar to find users by their first and last name.

How do I know if I was invited to a Group?

To check if you have any pending invitation to a Group, swipe left on your Dashboard screen or click the bell sign to see a list of Groups you’ve been invited to. Accept or decline the invitation. If you accept an invitation to a Group, you will see the Group listed under Groups.

Sync apps & devices

How do I know if the Cubii machine is connected to my mobile phone?

To check if your Cubii machine is connected to your phone, check your Dashboard. The gray bar on the screen should say, “Connected to Cubii”. Additionally, check to see if the Bluetooth LED on Cubii (the bottom light) is stable and glowing blue (i.e. not blinking). Start pedaling. Your exercise should immediately be reflected on the Dashboard stats.

Can I sync the Cubii app with Apple HealthKit?

We are working on releasing this feature by end of 2017.

Can I sync my Cubii app with other fitness tracking apps such as Fitbit, Jawbone, UA Record?

We are working on releasing this feature by end of Q2 of 2016.

I’m having trouble connecting my Cubii to the mobile app. What do I do?

  1. Make sure your Cubii is charged.
  2. Turn Bluetooth on under Settings on your mobile phone
  3. Launch the Cubii app (downloaded from the app store)
  4. Create an account/Login to follow instructions
  5. Start pedaling to initiate Bluetooth pairing. Cubii blue LED will start to blink
  6. Your Cubii device will appear on app list
  7. Select device to connect. Once connected, Cubii blue LED will stop blinking.

Using Cubii

How do I charge my Cubii?

Plug one end of the charging cable into charging port at the rear end of your Cubii and charge using the provided adapter. The LED light will blink in orange as Cubii charges, and turn green once fully charged.

I have a chair with wheels. My chair keeps sliding back. What do I do?

You can use the chair wheel stopper provided in the box. Cubii includes two wheel stoppers.. If you use a 4-wheel chair, you should both of them.

Found a bug?

I think I found a bug while using the Cubii app.

Good catch. If you think you’ve found a bug on an iOS device, please email

Have a cool idea?

I have a cool idea for the Cubii app. Where can I reach out?

Our team welcomes great ideas that would make your Cubii experience better as well as those of the community. Please email


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