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Ashish Rangnekar, CEO and co-founder at BenchPrep

"Of course immediately put it together and began using it! I love it! Thank you so much!!!"

Tyneshia Farmer, Sr Total Rewards Specialist- Wellness & Recognition at Samsung

"People are everything for us. And when we thought about putting money towards Cubii, if it makes our employees just a little bit more productive or just a little bit more happy, then it has paid for itself and then some. I am happy we made the investment."

Andrea Metcalf from 'Healthy Living' talks with Benchprep about how Cubii, a smart compact elliptical that lets you workout while sitting, has positively impacted their company culture.

A product that can make your employees healthier, happier and create a little friendly competition to make them more productive... and it's right here under the desk

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Competition Is Fun

Reduce fidgeting and antsiness. Physical activity is an important element for maintaining brain health and promoting productivity

Improve Productivity

Save $6 for every $1 spent on workplace wellness programs

Decrease risk for serious health conditions caused by a sedentary lifestyle

Why Include Cubii In Your Employee Wellness Program

Stay In Constant Motion

Download the Cubii app and track your workouts. Create groups and compete with co-workers for top calories burner. Syncs with FitBit

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