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NEAT®- certified Product

Cubii is NEAT® certified for active sitting. NEAT™ stands for the science of Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, developed by Mayo Clinic.


Unlike other office exercise contraptions that necessitate reorganizing your space, the Cubii compactly sits under your desk. I was able to have lengthy phone conversations without any kind of whirring or spinning sound in the background.


If you don’t have time to work out, then why not adapt your workspace so you can exercise while working? Cubii is an under-desk elliptical trainer, that does not require any change to existing furniture, which allows office dwellers to stay active while they sit at their desks.

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The ergonomics of the machine differ from other under desk ellipticals because the motion keeps your knees from hitting the underside of your desk. It’s also virtually silent, making a very quiet white noise sound that won’t bother your coworkers.


Between meetings, random moments when I couldn’t be at my desk, and the times where I really just didn’t feel motivated to keep pedaling full-time, my daily average on the machine hovers right around 150 calories/ 70 minutes.


I felt incredibly energized after just a few minutes of pedaling, a result no doubt of fresh oxygen and blood flowing in my brain. Soon I was cheating on my afternoon coffee with my new under-desk mistress.


Time Saver

No Gym Required

Workout anytime and anywhere. Easily slide Cubii under your desk and discreetly workout while answering emails and taking conference calls or Cubii in the comfort of your favorite chair at home.

Stay In Constant Motion

Feel More Energized

Staying in constant motion throughout the day has many health benefits including improvements in brain health and motivation, an increase in productivity and higher energy. Cubii is the only NEAT® Certified under desk elliptical by the Mayo Clinic for active sitting.

Fitness Is More Fun With Others

Sitters Worldwide

Cubii is perfect for all fitness levels and ages. Stay motivated by connecting to our app to track your progress over time and compete with fellow Cubii-ers. Syncs with FitBit and Apple HealthKit. *bluetooth feature only available on Cubii and Moku.





Compact and Non-Intrusive

A compact and whisper quiet elliptical trainer which is designed to fit discreetly into your life.

Control Your Workout

Select from 8 levels of resistance, allowing you to adjust and control the intensity of your workout. Cubii is not motorized and the magnetic resistance provides a smooth elliptical stride.

Not Your Ordinary Fitness Equipment

Premium finish matches your interior space and our high quality materials provide the smoothest elliptical stride.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"I have gone from spending my evenings relaxing with my feet up In my recliner watching tv to peddling my Cubii in that same comfy chair. Just by incorporating this tweak to my routine and making no other changes to my lifestyle, I have lost 17 pounds! I love that I can track my activity on the app." Jenny V, Connecticut

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