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For Every Fitness Level

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Every Step Matters

When it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, the more active you can be, the better. Cubii helps keep you moving throughout the day, letting you work out whenever and wherever - even on a conference call.

For The Busy Professional

You get up. You go to work. And you sit. Until it's time to go home. Sure, you know the importance of exercise, but maybe you can't find the time. Or you're exhausted after a stress-filled day. There is a solution.


    Finding the motivation to work out can be easier when your progress is monitored.

    Keep your loved ones up to date with your goals and achievements.

    Add in some more competitive sprit and see how you stack up against friends.

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A Workout For The Digital Age

Cubii is a new way to work out. It’s a sleek, elliptical trainer that fits neatly under your desk. With it, you can discreetly exercise right in your office. Multi-tasking just got a whole lot healthier.

Quiet, Non-Intrusive Design

Smooth, quiet range of motion won’t distract you and co-workers from the task at hand.

Versatile and Adjustable

Choose from 8 levels of resistance and switch between different levels of intensity during the day.

Burn While You Earn

You can burn approximately 150 calories per hour.

"Sitting down - and the sedentary lifestyle it encourages - is killing you, slowly but surely. The problem is, standing desks aren't for everyone."

  • This next story might just change the world. It's a new way for people with desk jobs to burn calories while at work.
  • The overweight problem in the U.S. is at crisis levels, no doubt exacerbated by poor diets, but a contributing factor is the rather sedentary nature of knowledge-based work. It's no surprise, then, that innovation is coming to the workplace to address this perpetual problem.
  • Time is always short, so why not combine working out with work. Looks like they are taking multitasking to the next level.

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